Teaching Reading: Master the Fundamentals Bundle - Set of 4 Guides

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From acclaimed educators and best-selling authors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey comes Teaching Reading: Mastering the Fundamentals, a series of four laminated guides that provide teachers with essential information and strategies for teaching students in grades K-6 how to read. The guides, which are designed to be used sequentially as a set but can also be stand-alone resources for targeting certain components of teaching reading, draw from the latest research and present practical, powerful strategies that teachers can utilize right away in their classrooms.

This bundle includes:

  • Guide #1 Alphabetics, Phonics & Phonemic Awareness
  • Guide #2 Oral Reading Fluency & Sight Word Recognition
  • Guide #3 Vocabulary & Morphology
  • Guide #4 Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning

The Teaching Reading: Mastering the Fundamentals guides
by Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey are invaluable resources,
providing educators with rapid access to comprehensive
information empowering them with essential resources. Their
durability and reusability make them sustainable and cost-effective for classroom use. With these laminate guides, both teachers and administrators can quickly deepen their understanding of reading instruction, thus supporting students in mastering crucial literacy skills.

Kelly Jensen
Director, Curriculum, and Instruction, Elementary

What every busy teacher needs! With this series of resources on Teaching Reading: Mastering the Fundamentals, NPR (or Fisher and Frey) have put into the hands of the busy elementary teacher a one-stop shop for teaching vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, phonics, and phonemic awareness. Highly accessible and easy-to-use, the series includes definitions of terms, practices and techniques, word lists, and practices to avoid.

Heidi Anne E. Mesmer, Ph D.
Professor, Literacy Education


(No reviews yet) Write a Review