Teaching Reading: Mastering the Fundamentals – Comprehension & Verbal Reasoning(Guide #4)

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Douglas Fisher & Nancy Frey
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From acclaimed educators and best-selling authors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey comes Teaching Reading: Mastering the Fundamentals, a series of four laminated guides that provide teachers with essential information and strategies for teaching students in grades K-6 how to read.  The guides, which are designed to be used sequentially as a set but can also be stand-alone resources for targeting certain components of teaching reading, draw from the latest research and present practical, powerful strategies that teachers can utilize right away in their classrooms. 

This guide, #4 in the series, focuses on methods for building comprehension and verbal reasoning in elementary students. Understanding a text requires the application of a variety of reading comprehension skills, strategies, and knowledge. And while word recognition, decoding, and fluency are contributors to reading, they are not guarantees of reading comprehension (Spencer & Wagner, 2108). Verbal reasoning is central to deep comprehension, especially in drawing inferences. This guide provides information about reading comprehension and verbal reasoning instruction for elementary students, including: 

  • the influence of engagement, motivation and agency
  • explicit comprehension strategies
  • modeling comprehension strategies using think-alouds
  • the seven elements of effective interactive read-alouds
  • the verbal reasoning skills of referents and determiners, and forward and backward inferences.
  • teaching how text is organized using narrative story maps and informational text structures
  • a quad text set approach to text selection
  • close reading protocol for more complex texts
  • text-based discussions
  • using text-dependent questions to foster comprehension


(No reviews yet) Write a Review