About Us

With over fifty years in business, National Professional Resources (NPR) is the leading source of classroom and professional development resources for educators. Founded by career educators, National Professional Resources is a family business committed to advancing the success of all learners by supporting the educators who serve them. 

Original founders: Bob & Helene Hanson

We partner with the most respected authors in their fields to provide the most current, high-quality information in various formats such as laminated reference guides, books, webinars, and in-person training.

Marc Brackett

Implementing Social
and Emotional Learning (SEL) in Classrooms
and Schools

Isaiah Pickens

A Trauma-Informed
and Culturally Responsive (TICR) Approach in Classrooms

Paula Kluth

Paula Kluth, EdD is a consultant, author, advocate, and independent scholar who works 

Marilyn Friend

Marilyn Friend, PhD, has spent her career as a general education teacher, special education

Our laminated quick-reference guides are the #1 laminated reference guides for professional development. 


As individuals learning needs have changed, NPR has developed, “Comprehensive School Solutions (CSS). CSS provides current and future educators with comprehensive and targeted support. Visit https://national-professional-resources-staging.mybigcommerce.com/training/ and let us help your staff become more effective tomorrow than they are today.

In 2023, NPR has embarked on our next chapter in business which also includes a new logo to guide us in our next chapter. Our strategy now and in the future is a focus to expand our influence and impact within the educational professional development landscape.