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Product Overview

From supervising students to carrying out a teacher’s lesson plans to collecting data, the paraeducator plays an important part in the day to day instruction of students.  Paraeducator’s Resource Guide, by Nancy K. French, provides the paraeducator with valuable information about the everyday responsibilities associated with this support services position, other titles for which include paraprofessional, teaching assistant, communication assistant, and teacher aide, among others.

This newly revised, six-page (tri-fold) laminated guide clearly outlines the steps a paraprofessional should take to be most effective, and how to understand the difference in roles between the teacher and the paraprofessional.  The roles and responsibilities of individual paraeducators vary based on setting and need, and a paraeductor may be required to assume different roles at different times. An effective paraeducator should therefore be prepared to work in different classroom settings, including both general and special education classrooms. 

 The responsibilities of paraeducators vary but often include:

  • Supplemental instruction
  • Behavior management
  • Data collection
  • Activity preparation and follow up
  • Clerical work

This comprehensive yet concise quick-reference tool also offers practical tips for assisting students with reading and math activities, as well as guidance on carrying out instructional and curricular adaptation plans and testing accommodations.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review