Instructional Power! Co-Teachers Share Instructional Techniques


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The Forum on Education / Marilyn Friend, PhD
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DVDs / Videos
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32 minutes
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The professional development video Instructional Power!, hosted by Dr. Marilyn Friend, takes viewers inside elementary, middle and high school classrooms where co-teaching is being implemented in order to meet accountability standards, increase access to the curriculum, and improve outcomes for all students. Viewers will see effective co-teaching in action and will learn simple yet effective instructional strategies and techniques that increase student engagement and participation.

This video will help teachers add power to their instruction, whether they are new to co-teaching or highly experienced. It is an effective training tool that facilitators/trainers can use to initiate conversations about classroom use of simple technology, the importance and feasibility of differentiation during instruction, and the ways in which brisk pacing and high levels of student participation boost student outcomes.

 The 32-minute DVD includes the following sections:

  1. Welcome
  2. No-Tech Learning Tools
  3. High School Science Manipulatives
  4. On-Time and On-Task
  5. Learning by Moving
  6. Power Wrap Up



(No reviews yet) Write a Review