Substitute Teacher's Survival Guide

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Product Overview

Substitute teachers are notorious targets of oppositional student behavior. When confronted with unruly students, even the best and most experienced substitute teachers can become flustered and preoccupied with controlling the class. Joseph Casbarro’s Substitute Teacher’s Survival Guide is a quick reference guide that concisely identifies “Ten Keys to Success” for substitute teachers. Reviewing the guide will help substitute teachers maintain focus on the keys to successful substitute teaching.

This guide will help substitute teachers with

  • Preparation and organization
  • Classroom management/discipline
  • Implementation of lesson plans
  • Communication with the primary teacher and other educators at the end of the day or substitute period.

Although procedures for substitute teachers vary from school to school, substitute teachers can apply the ten practical keys to success in any school setting or grade level.  

The guide is also recommended for principals and other administrators responsible for training and preparing substitute teachers. Trainers can use the guide as a reference when designing trainings and/or provide it to trainees who can use it to understand key components of successful substitute teaching, and/or as a go-to reference in the classroom when they are called upon to fill in for a teacher.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review