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Sharon Bradley
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Edweek -A New Strategy Is Getting Results

This Leader Takes a Compassionate Approach to Truancy. It’s Transforming Students’ Lives

Since school buildings across the country shut their doors and transitioned to remote learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of students have not been seen in school districts. Of those students who are missing, a disproportionate number are students of color, students living in poverty, students with disabilities, English language learners, children in foster care, and children of migrant workers. Finding and re-engaging these students is especially challenging given the increased household instability of economically disadvantaged families. The implications for students, families, and communities are dire. This urgent crisis demands immediate, effective action.

This new quick-reference laminated guide by Sharon Bradley examines the widespread problem of chronic absenteeism in schools, from why students fail to show up to school, to how to prevent excessive absences, to how to find missing students and re-engage them so that they are able to get back on track and ultimately graduate and reach their full potential.

Topics covered include:

  • Implications and impact of chronic absenteeism
  • Essential practices for building a positive school climate
  • Tiered intervention strategies for teachers, school counselors, nurses, and administrators
  • Absenteeism prevention strategies for families
  • Engaging the community to prevent chronic absenteeism
  • Student recovery and re-engagement strategies
  • Intensive school-based interventions: small restorative learning environments
  • Intensive district-level interventions: the attendance review board
  • Individualized family support plans


Advance praise for Chronic Absenteeism: Prevention & Intervention Strategies for Schools, Families & Communities 

“Sharon Bradley provides strategic solutions and practical interventions to increase student school attendance.  Her guide addresses attendance issues and their impact on learning. Ms. Bradley's experience in the field of education enhances her knowledge and skills in the areas of attendance, intervention, support and engagement.” 

Sonja Bens Harrison
Texas Association for Truancy and Dropout Prevention (TATDP) 

“This guide should be a part of every school district in the country. As a former middle school principal of 13 years, students not coming to school was one of my biggest challenges. I commend Sharon Bradley for taking on this enormous task so that all stakeholders have the tools to begin to address this crucial student attendance problem in all of our schools.”

Donella Reinl, M.Ed.
Director of Strategic Solutions
School Connect  

"Sharon Bradley has a proven track record of supporting students and families in school attendance by getting at the heart of the matter challenging them.  Others see the problem first, but Ms. Bradley sees the person! "
Lynn Ojeda, M.Ed.
Undergraduate Admissions Outreach 
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
“Mrs. Bradley’s guide on Chronic Absenteeism is grounded in research and a desire to positively impact all children. The guide highlights the negative impact of missing school and offers proactive, practical strategies to engage students, families, and the school community.” 

Dr. Matthew Sipes
Adjunct Professor
Texas Christian University

“Sharon’s firm grasp of the factors behind absenteeism and deep knowledge of our students’ current needs helps her cut through the fluff, sharing practical and effective strategies we can use right now to address absenteeism. She uses her head and heart to empower others through this timely tool to develop proactive plans and responses.”
April Massett 
Vice President, Council Development
Girls on the Run International

"In her Chronic Absenteeism Guide, social-emotional learning and restorative practice expert Sharon Bradley, M.ed., brings forth research-based, scalable, community-focused strategies designed to help educators intentionally and easily incorporate proven student-centered practices into their prevention and intervention plans with a whole-child lens to reduce absenteeism and create positive change. This guide is a must-have resource that outlines a proactive, multi-faceted approach to addressing chronic absenteeism and building supportive and inclusive environments."
Kyra Rhoads, M.OCL (22)
Senior Manager, Committee for Children
Organizational Change Leadership Consultant


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