Releasing the Power!


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The Forum on Education
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59 minutes
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From The Forum on Education at Indiana University, producers of The Power of 2! and More Power!, comes Releasing the Power!, a compelling and effective training video for school administrators on implementing co-teaching to meet student needs as well as achievement and accountability standards mandated in federal education law.

The video illustrates how one school district (Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District in Charlotte, NC) researched, created, and implemented a district-wide co-teaching initiative, based on the model developed by Dr. Marilyn Friend, that has become a model for schools across the nation.

The superintendent of Charlotte-Mecklenberg School District (CMS) and his top deputy for special education are featured discussing their journey leading CMS’s co-teaching initiative, from conception through implementation. CMS administrators tell viewers about their district’s inclusive practices, and communicate what they have learned about the expectations, challenges, and supports necessary to ensure all students are learning in co-taught classrooms.

DVD Menu (running time: 59 minutes:

  • Welcome/ Intro 
  • Teaching Implementation
    • Setting the District Direction for Inclusive Practices
    • Your Journey
    • Early Adoption
    • The Budget
    • District Collaboration
    • Keys to Success
    • Results
    • Parents
  • What to Look for in Co-Taught Classrooms
  • Principal Engagement
  • Challenges
  • Supporting Activities

Also included are a Digital Facilitator’s Guide and a rubric (PDF) for judging the fidelity of co-teaching implementation using a framework developed by Dr. Marilyn Friend.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review